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BAEA in Euskadi Irratia

Last week our co-founder, Esther Blanco Rayón, had the pleasure of participating in Euskadi Irratia's Faktoria program, with Maider Segurola and Mikel Rotaetxe, and her two collaborators: Garbiñe Manterola (BRTA) and Markel Peñalba (MU).

After her participation, Esther commented:

"They allowed me to explain to them what BAEA and Algaverse are, and we have talked about it from a perspective in which we need our planet to be healthier and cleaner, to guarantee its continuity.

Thank you very much for the invitation. I felt very comfortable and welcomed, despite the distance (they in the studios in San Sebastián and I in those in Bilbao)."

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