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Algaverso: lines

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Descarbonizacion web.tif


Currently one of the greatest challenges on the planet is to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. For this, one of the possible solutions is the use of microalgae, capable of transforming CO2 into O2.

Moreover, very few species are exploited in the microalgae production market, wasting the potential of other little-known strains. Thanks to the knowledge obtained during the experimentation and characterization of the BMCC strains, BAEA's priority is to exploit new strains isolated in the Basque Country.
The strains selected for production will be used in different industries such as aquaculture, textiles, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


This activity can bring monetary and non-monetary benefits to the territory and its society in the medium and long term (such as shared research results or technology transfer), as guaranteed by the Nagoya Protocol since 2014. This international treaty recognizes the rights of countries to regulate access to and use of their genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge through national legislation. The countries can negotiate the distribution of the benefits derived from the use of these resources, be they monetary or of another type (such as training or other collaboration). This distribution of benefits has the potential to positively influence biodiversity and its sustainable use.

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Complementary to the first line, SIA has been developed by the BAEA team, as evidenced by its patent. Unlike its closest competitors, SIA (Automated Lighting System) is a 100% adaptable, modular LED system, capable of being monitored and controlled by a mobile application and is specially designed to provide microalgae with any lighting conditions for optimal cultivation.


Algaverse: lines

BAEA (Basque Algae and Engineering Application) was born with the purpose of generating the biotechnological ecosystem necessary to achieve excellence in algae farming: Algaverso.

Industry 4.0 and digitization are being strategic points for the economic development of our conventional industry. Algaverso® was born from the need to apply this technology to the microalgae science and production sector, in order to offer the necessary tools to be able to carry out precise tests and efficient production, allowing the control and monitoring of all those necessary parameters of a easier and more comfortable way for the user.

Currently, the agri-food sector in general, and this type of crop in particular, has a large growth margin based on elements:

  • Technological: since the techniques and methods used are the same as 20 years ago, and the existing technology on digitization and/or automation in this type of production has not yet been deployed.

  • Innovation: which, although existing, will grow exponentially as it is understood that everything related to the rural is strategic for the future of the country.

  • Training: the sector is in a period of transition, where digitization becomes a disruptive factor, since competitive advantages are unattainable with the traditional methodology.

  •   Social: thanks to an incipient trend where local products are prioritized again due to a feeling of rootedness, commitment and responsibility that is becoming stronger.

Algaverso has been created by a multidisciplinary group of biologists, engineers and computer scientists who have seen the opportunity to join efforts, knowledge and experience to improve the quality and efficiency of microalgae production in the Basque Country.

The product that will be obtained with these processes is a top quality product, and with which we intend to supply, taking advantage of the last mile factor, the entire Basque agri-food sector, as we consider it vital for the country, as well as all what this entails, such as support for rural areas and environments.

For all these reasons, Algaverso is an ecosystem committed to society from three points of view:

  • Technological: generating sustainable technology and high energy efficiency in order to be responsible. To this end, R&D is intrinsic in the DNA of Algaverso, which will generate constant improvements in its products, always focused on this eco-responsible path.

  • Biological: making its production for decarbonization purposes its star bastion, with the aim of producing the highest quality algae on the market under strict quality control, with the aim of creating or adhering (if it exists) to a label Basque of agri-food excellence.

  • Ecological: Algaverso itself, since its conception is ecological, as proof of this, the firm commitment to reduce CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint by working in the last mile, the elaboration of processes that respect the environment.

  • Social: with the creation of jobs that provide added value and allow the development, growth and recovery of rural and/or coastal areas, outside our cities.  


If you feel intrigued by Algaverso, do not hesitate to get in touch with it, as it is a living entity, changing and open to any type of collaboration that brings it closer, along the path of its values, to its final objective: “Excellence productive”.


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